Our Mission

To path the way for organizations & their talented staff to achieve Corporate Excellence.

IPath is aiming to create a “Competencies Base” to all HR professionals, and those who
have the desire to start a career in HR and any profession or career.

Our Services


Provides small, mid and large‐sized employers with human resources assistance through consultations to highest standard of quality by delivering integrated, empowering and time/cost‐effective solutions.

Intertnational Certificates

Offers Human Resources International Certificates to HR professionals around the world; to increase their competencies; supported by
Human Resources Certifications Institute HRCI;

Career Certificates.

Start your Career now; with our Human Resources Management, Marketing, Finance & Social Media training programs that highlight the needed Technical Competencies in terms of concepts; knowledge, expertise, skills; behavior, and practices Professionals must acquire at all levels of their career cycle.

Training Programs

Offers training programs supported by real-life and experienced case studies to professionals; based on research and studies that will benefit the participants as well as the organizations.

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